Authentic Puerto Rican food
Our  Specialities
  1. Rellenos
    Potato or ripened Plantain stuffed with ground Top Round beef served with Boricua sauce.
  2. Sliders
    Chicken, pork, or beef with Boricua sauce, cabbage, lettuce, and tomato
  3. Pastelillos
    Ground Top Round beef, Chicken, or Guava with Cream Cheese turn over.
  4. Home-style Plate
    Home-style Plate
    Meat of the day served with arroz con gandules, 3 maduros, and an organic salad.
  5. Maduros
    Fried ripened Plantains.
  6. Tostones
    Fried green Plantains served with Boricua sauce or garlic oil.
  7. Fried Pork/Tostones
    Fried Pork/Tostones
    Served with tostones & organic salad
  8. Fusion Tacos
    Fusion Tacos
    Shredded Chicken with cabbage or lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and mango, strawberry or Bori sauces.
  1. Mofongo
    Mashed green plantain
  2. Puerto Rican Candy
    Puerto Rican Candy
    Bags and Picture Boxes Ajonjoli, Mango, Guava, Coco, Coco Pina
  3. Puerto Rican Sodas
    Puerto Rican Sodas
    Kola Champagne, Coco Rico, Malta, Uva
  4. Mi Garita T-Shirts
    Mi Garita T-Shirts
    available in Blue, Black, and Orange
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Have been craving mofongo for a littleover a year! ... Was able to finally have some tonight! && it's the best I've had in a long long time!!! Thanks again Mi Garita Foodtruck.       you have a loyal customer out of me.         
Glenda Cruz
Our Services
  1. Catering
    We also Cater, contact us for detailed information at